Monday, December 7, 2009

The End Draws Near

It is so hard to believe that this Friday we will be on our way home (via California to see our two new granddaughters and attend Hadley's baptism). The time has truly flown by and we have made such wonderful friends and truly learned to love a new culture and people. Our intentions have been so good to keep up with our blog but we have had so many wonderful experiences and just not enough time to document them all. So for our last blog from Mexico I want to just document a general list of some of what we love and will miss here.

1. The Visitor's Center: Of course this has been the center of our lives for the last 18 months and we have loved it. The spirit here is so strong and the visitors are touched by it. We have learned to love each of the sisters and will truly miss the ones here now as we do the ones that have already gone home.

Current sisters in the Center

Hermanas Guevara y Saldivar

Hermanas Moreno, Suaste, Torres y Bustillos

Former hermanas with Hna Steer, Bulloch, Foley and Garvin

Elder and Sister Foley with current hermanas

The other seniors and volunteers.

Front Row: The Ruiz's and Reyes Back Row: The Foleys, Garvins and Stewarts

The visitors, especially the children

2. The other senior couples: We have had many great outings and dinners with the other couples. Here are just a few examples

Outing to Benemerito (the Church school): The Garvins, Foleys, Brunts and Stewarts

Dinner at President Bulloch's: Joanna Stewart and Ellen Garvin

Elder Garvin, President Bulloch, Elder Stewart, Sister Stewart, Elder and Sister Olsen, Sister Brunt and Elder Bailey

Mexican Independence Celebration
Elder and Sister Allen

Members and Elders

Elder and Sister Isom

Sisters Morgan, Jarvis and Garvin

Trip to Puebla
Missionaries on the bus

On top of pyramid of Cholula: The Morgans, the Hydes & Sister Brunt

Dinner: The Morgans, Montes and Brunts

Shopping in Puebla: Elder Foley and the Stewarts

A Talavera Factory

Painting the pottery

Some finished products

Waiting for the bus home: Sister Bluth and the Cardons

3. Visits to the Markets: There are so many great markets for everything you would want to find. The neighborhood tianguis (outdoor market), the large Merced market and all varieties of shops.

Candy and pinatas galore

So many eggs!!

and chilis

colorful gifts

unbelieveable cakes

and balloons (globos)

This is a very long post already and I could go on for a very long time, but we just want to say we love and will miss Mexico. It is a part of us now that will always bring warm and loving memories.

Adios Mexico, con mucho amor!