Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Great Reunion

When we left for our mission Randy and Janet had just a month left before coming home. Therefore, when they came to visit us earlier this month it had been almost 2 1/2 years since we had seen them. They looked great and we had such a fun time being together and showing them the great sights in Mexico City. We are so glad they came when they did because now the city is literally shut down because of the swine flu outbreak . Hope things are better before Sean's family comes in three weeks.

Stroll on the Manzana on the night of the Jones' arrival

A visit to the Visitors' Center

Saturday we grabbed a mitro, two metros and headed for the Zocolo. We went to the National Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, lunch at the roof of the Gran Hotel (very yummy), went to the Ideal Bakery (also yummy) and then to the Bellas Artes buliding.

The Zocolo from the roof of the Gran Hotel

Beautiful tiffany glass ceiling at the Gran Hotel

The Cactus Garden behind the National Palace

Sunday was down time. We just relaxed and then had church at 2 pm. We had a nice dinner and a walk after church.

Monday we were off to the Pyramids. Again we were so thankful the Garvin's let us use their car. The weather was beautiful and it was a very quiet day. It was the first day people are back to work and school after the Easter holiday and even many of the vendors stayed home. It was so nice. We all made it up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. We walked around many of the other ruins and went in the palace.
The bottom of the pyramid and The top of the pyramid

Yep, we all made it!!

The pyramid of the moon in the background, A pillar from the palace

Amazing original paint at the pyramids, Randy and Janet's great tie dyes (Thanks Scott)

After we were sufficiently tired we headed over to La Gruta for lunch. Again, we were not disappointed. It was great! The atmosphere there is so fun too.

Tuesday we worked and the Jones' braved their way on the metro back to the Zocolo to see the Templo Mayor. They saw the ruins, the museum and then headed back to the Bellas Artes area to have lunch at the tile house and see some of the beautiful buildings in that area.

The entrance to Chapultepec Park

Some of the many beautiful flowers in the park
Scenes from the roof of Chaputepec Castle

Outside the castle

Lake in the middle of Chapultepec Park

Thursday morning I had to give shots to the missionaries so Larry took Randy and Janet to the Basilica de Guadalupe. They enjoyed this important Catholic shrine and saw parts of the Basilica we had not seen before. Larry and I worked Thursday afternoon and I think the Jones' enjoyed some down time.

Friday morning Larry and Janet were not feeling too well. Randy and I felt great so we jumped on a metro (actually a bus and two metros) and went to the Ciudadela which is a large shopping area that sells goods from all over Mexico. Randy bought Janet a beautiful Aztec Calendar and we both bought some silver jewelry. It was a fast but fun outing with my big bro. When we got home it was time to get ready to head for the airport. Luckily both Larry and Janet were feeling quite a bit better.

It was so great to have this time together. We both had much going on at home during our visit (one great thing was the arrival of our new grand daughter Miley) but it was great to share some of these things together and to feel the love and support of each other.

Now the Jones' are off to Europe, such world travelers!!!